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At Sofitel Adelaide, we take the utmost care to ensure a welcoming and inclusive experience for all guests. Our hotel proudly offers specially designed accessible rooms, thoughtfully crafted to cater to the unique needs of individuals with mobility and accessibility challenges.


Sofitel Adelaide is proud to offer multiple accessible guest rooms across three categories:


Type A Rooms – Mobility Impairment and Multiple Disability
These rooms include wider paths within the bedroom and living areas, appropriate grabrails and fittings in the accessible bathroom, visual fire alarms, additional lighting, low-reflective surfaces and more.


Type B Rooms – Speech and Hearing Impairment
These rooms feature televisions with caption decoder, visual fire alarms, doorbell and light-emitting receiver, accessible communication to Reception and more.


Type C Rooms – Vision Impairment
These rooms include paths free from obstacles, additional lighting, low-reflective surfaces, grabrails in the bathroom and more.


Public Areas

We prioritise effortless mobility within our hotel, ensuring that every guest can navigate with ease.


Identification and directional signage are displayed in raised text in a mandated font and size; visual fire alarms are provided in common areas for ease of visibility. Additionally, our elevators have been thoughtfully equipped with braille buttons.


Within Garcon Bleu restaurant, our buffet counter adheres to DDA standards and is at the appropriate height for wheelchair access with ease. Our friendly Ambassadors are always available to assist with any selection or service of food as required. Our restrooms are also equipped with a change table allowing parents to easily attend to their children whilst in the restaurant.



Our Ambassador training goes above and beyond the fundamentals to support a fully inclusive service experience for every guest. An essential component of this is training involves education and awareness on various accessible products, activities and facilities offered within the hotel.


Our Reservations and Front Office teams in particular, are well-versed in accessibility features of our rooms, allowing them to answer guest questions appropriately and ensuring correct information is always conveyed.


Our training places a strong emphasis on delivering exceptional customer service to individuals of all abilities. Our Ambassadors learn that approaching each guest in a genuine, respectful and sensitive manner will ensure guests are made to feel welcome and valued.


From the very beginning, we strive to create a seamless transition into our luxurious environment, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a luxurious experience without facing any obstacles.

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